At Bredin, our goal is help you break through employment barriers. In some cases that means providing training. When you become a Bredin client we take the time to get to know you. Training is individualized and includes support in areas such as updating your resume, improving your English or learning Microsoft Word.


Skill Development

Skill development is vital for growth in both your career and personal life. We are proud to provide knowledge, resources and opportunities that can enhance your skillset, from communication skills to social networking to employment related skills. Bredin will support your commitment to meeting the demands of the workforce and daily life through personal growth.


Computer Training

As a Bredin client, you will have access to computers and resources, as well as training and workshops designed to teach or enhance computer skills. Learning and understanding Microsoft Office, e-mail, job searching tools, LinkedIn, self-marketing and typing skills is vital in our increasingly technology driven workforce and social world. We will help you stay relevant in the workforce as you adapt to this changing environment.


Language Training

We provide language training and skills development for newcomers seeking to enhance English language skills for both employment and social interaction. We also offer one-on-one sessions. Our team of counselors, coaches and facilitators come from diverse backgrounds and speak many languages. This enables us to accommodate newcomers from all over the world, providing a high level of service and care.


Short-Term Training

Condensed training options allow you to choose training that fits with your schedule and is best suited to your needs. Essential Skills and practical knowledge can help you in your daily life and in your job search, leading to a swift re-entry into the workforce.

*Short term training is dependent on the program and eligibility of our clients.

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