Who we are

Our board members have closely collaborated with governments, employers and key organizations to ensure that the voices of our community are being heard. By working closely with these key leaders in the Alberta economy, our board members help steer Bredin Centre for Learning towards its mission.


Bredin Centre for Learning provides responsive services that empower and connect people to fully contribute to our community through pathways to education and employment.


Albertans have reached their full potential, achieving financial and emotional stability.

Our Values

Outstanding Service

When someone asks for help, help is provided. Once a Bredin client, always a Bredin Client.


Respect and value diversity, creating an environment that is inclusive of all.

Dignity and Respect

We acknowledge, honour and respect the fundamental value and dignity of all individuals.

Compassionate Listening

We listen to fully understand individual’s diversity life challenges and respond in a holistic manner that truly honours who we are.


We instill a sense of hope and celebrate success.


Through collaborative efforts, we share information, cooperate across organizational boundaries, focus on common values and earn the trust of our teammates.


We embrace humour in the workplace and laugh together.


We apply original thought, creativity and sound business judgement to meet community and individual goals and improve programs and services.


We hire employees who can remain agile to adapt to the changing needs of the community, organization and the people we serve.


Employees demonstrate the core values and mission of Bredin when representing the organization, regardless of personal beliefs.

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