Red Deer


Our rapidly expanding programming is aimed at fulfilling the needs of Albertans in central Alberta. Our wide-ranging programming recognizes the diversity of the regional industries and prepares people for success through focused occupational training and employer connections.

All Roads Lead To Home

The Red Deer location program offerings include PATH (Program to Assist the Homeless) which helps provide the most basic of needs – a home. Their ongoing support helps individuals become stable, productive members of society.

Employment Skills

Individuals who are searching for employment are able to participate in one of two employment-based programs in Red Deer. The Bredin Employment Centre offers workshops in employment and personal skills development, access to computers to prepare resumes and cover letters, access employment assistance and employment support.

Individuals currently receiving EI benefits can enroll in the CareerLink Program which also assists individuals in gaining employment, accessing short term training as well as employment and personal life management-based workshops.

The Single Parents Innovative Delivery Program is an employment program to assist single parents in rural areas with limited access to transportation and resources who may have challenges in their personal life and/or in achieving employment.

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