As the provincial capital, Edmonton offers access to many services. The city is culturally vibrant and celebrates its diversity with many festivals throughout the year. Our downtown location provides easy access to the LRT, major bus routes and Jasper Avenue.

The Capital Region

Our Edmonton location offers resources to empower people in many ways. The 1-Step Settlement Program assists those who have made Alberta their new home and are faced with such challenges as employment, school enrollment, housing, and childcare. Newcomers to Alberta can also benefit from the Centre for Skilled and Internationally Trained Professionals which assists individuals through the licensure and credential process in order to become employed in their chosen profession. Through seminars, lectures and counselling, you will receive guidance on completing your licensure examination or gain knowledge of Canadian industry standards. For newcomers trained internationally as a Pharmacist, the International Pharmacy Bridging Program assists individuals to pass licensure exams, attend structure practical training and gain their license to practice in Alberta.

A Helping Hand

Participants in all the above programs have access to a Career Coach and receive support in resume creation, interview skills and job search strategies.

Individuals who are searching for employment are able to participate in one of two employment based programs in Edmonton. The Bredin Employment Centre offers workshops in employment and personal skills development, access to computers to prepare resumes and cover letters, access employment assistance and employment support.

Individuals currently receiving EI benefits can enroll in the CareerLink Program which also assists individuals in gaining employment, accessing short term training as well as employment and personal life management-based workshops.

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