Newcomers to Canada may not be fully prepared for life in North America. Our no-cost services help you through the settlement process and support you as you navigate finding a home, sorting out transportation, finding childcare and finding a job. Internationally trained professionals receive assistance obtaining a license to practice. We want you to feel welcome and supported.

Canadian Citizenship Exam Preparation

This series of six classes is offered every other month on Monday and Wednesday evenings to assist clients preparing for the Canadian Citizenship exam. The course is available to the general public as well as clients of the Bredin 1-Step Settlement program, provided they are permanent residents. The course work is based on the Discover Canada booklet issued to successful Canadian citizenship program applicants. The classes take an in-depth look into Canada’s history, government, society and the rights and responsibilities of Canadian citizens.

Licensure Recognition

Are you an internationally trained professional? Confused about the licensure process? Here at Bredin we have resources to help you through licensure. We provide training to ensure language competencies meet occupational requirements. In addition, we offer bridging programs that help you meet necessary standards and prepare for the exams that will allow you to practice within your field. Our Centre for Skilled and Internationally Trained Professionals provides support for those seeking to understand or obtain licensure recognition, as well as study groups and networking. We will coach you through interviewing to help you obtain licensure and successfully start a professional career in Canada. Funded by the federal and provincial government, most of our programs are provided at no cost to clients.

Settling in Canada

Newcomers to Canada are provided with relevant information and advice to transition from their home country to Canada. A series of group information sessions and one-on-one counselling are available and cover settlement topics including acquiring important documents, transportation, money and finances, child care, housing, local government, labour market and many others.

Study Groups

Are you preparing to write exams for licensure or certification in Alberta? We provide Instructor led occupation specific support in a classroom setting. Our Instructors are professionals who have successfully challenged the same exams you are preparing to write, and who are now licensed in Alberta. They understand the challenges you are experiencing and have insider knowledge on the process involved in licensure examinations. The study groups go beyond theory-based knowledge and advice to help with your practical exams. A career coach who specializes in your occupation will connect you to regulatory bodies and help you through each step of your licensure journey.

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