We are here to help all individuals with credentials and education from outside of Canada find employment in their field including health care, engineering and trades, business, science and technology, and arts and community service. These services are provided at no cost to you!

You are not alone

Settling into any new environment is challenging. It can be overwhelming trying to understand the various systems in schools, housing, child care, etc.  Our staff appreciates your situation, and works with you one-on-one to ensure you are able to connect effectively. You are a valuable addition to the life and culture of Alberta. We want you to succeed.

Everyone’s situation is different in small and major ways. The Bredin staff will introduce you to the basics that are common for any newcomer, and we will also help you receive the specific training you may require and/or help you find a job that makes best use of all you have to offer.

To help you along, please take a moment to look at the Personal Journeys of others. You will see you’re not alone. If you have a particular challenge you would like help with, please let us know using the form at the bottom of the page.

Personal Journeys of Newcomers

First Day in Canada

Hamrita tells her story of moving to Canada from Mauritius. Many newcomers have to overcome barriers upon arrival to Canada. Sometimes you just need a little bit more guidance. Hamrita got this guidance through the 1-Step Settlement Program at Bredin Centre for Learning.

Overcoming Barriers in Canada

Hamed left a good job and his home for a bigger dream in Canada. Barriers in licensure, recession, language and a new life started crashing that dream for Hamed and his wife. However, things changed when they reached out for help.

My Personal Journey

Everything changed for Nicholas when his 17-year-old son asked, “Dad, is there a reason for me to go to school…?”

From Syria to Canada

Nadia, an Agriculture Engineer, shares her story of not giving up in hopes of pursuing her dream of moving to Canada.

Building Their Love Story

Dave and Nadia’s story of an impossible love, a new country and a new life. Dave describes the steps leading to his new life in Canada, the barriers he faced before that led him to come to Canada, and the barriers that he had to overcome in Canada.

My Journey from Nepal to Canada

Growing up in a family of seven children, education was a luxury that I was lucky to get. I couldn’t stop there and decided to move to Canada with my husband and daughter, only to face many barriers in settlement and employment.

One-Step Employment 

We’re ready to help you. To begin a conversation, please fill out this confidential form, and we will respond to you soon.