Networking and Hiring Events


Sourcing staff thorough Bredin represents many distinct benefits. Our candidates are some of the most motivated, experienced, highly credentialed, and diverse talents you are likely to find in one place. Align yourself with us, and discover an all-new competitive advantage.

Employer Connections Hiring Events

Employer Connections is a service that connects unemployed Albertans and employers, creates work-related learning experiences, provides direct job matches, provides opportunities for career exploration and provides increased opportunities for employers to interact directly with our unemployed individuals to better prepare them for tomorrow’s careers. Bredin offers a no cost solution for employers seeking to recruit and retain qualified talent.


Participating in an on-site ConneXions Event will connect you with talented individuals and potential candidates, enhance your company’s visibility, allow you to promote current and future employment opportunities and network with Bredin Center staff. These events can help your company share information on
your hiring needs, the organization’s culture, career opportunities, what skills and experience your seeking and how applicants can apply.

Benefits of attending the ConneXions include:

  • Maximize your recruiting efforts
  • Interact face-to-face with prospective candidates
  • Narrow down the qualified candidates in a short time and save recruitment expenses