Finding people that are the right fit for your organization is important. Our team of career specialists know each client, and can help you select the best candidate, drawing from a diverse talent pool. Align with us and discover a new competitive advantage.

Committed to Connecting Employees and Employers

Bredin Centre for Learning has been supporting the employment and training needs of Albertans since 1975. Each year, our programs help more than 6,000 individuals reach their employment and training goals.

Working in partnership with organizations across Alberta, every day we work to support Alberta businesses and unemployed or underemployed Albertans by providing essential skill development and matching qualified individuals with career opportunities. In fact, if you regularly post job openings online, there’s a good chance we’ve partnered with you in the past.

Ways your business can partner with Bredin:

Employer Spotlight

Hosting an information session for our clients helps build awareness of your organization. In combination with a Bredin hiring event, these sessions enhance recruitment success. We will market each information session to your organization’s target audience and will host and organize the event at no cost.

Career ConneXion

A hiring event is the best way to meet clients face to face. Bredin hiring events provide you with an opportunity to connect with, interview and hire from a pool of over 300 participants, and to network with 30 local employers twice a year.

Employer Panels

We invite industry specific experts to share industry news and requirements, and to connect with clients interested in their industry.

Mock Networking Events

Employers have a chance to support clients who want to learn more about networking in this ‘practice’ networking event.

Post a Job

You can reduce or eliminate advertising costs by promoting your career opportunities with Bredin. Bredin employment developers share part-time, full-time and volunteer roles with clients suited to these roles, and your positions will be posted on our online Job Board.

Job Placement Matching

Bredin will work with you develop a customized hiring strategy to find and retain skilled people. Our clients are offered individualized career coaching, employment related workshops, and post-employment support. Our clients are ready to further develop their career, and we offer them ongoing support.

Work Experience Placements

Bredin works with employers to facilitate work experience placements for clients participating in Bredin training programs. We will connect your organization with well-suited candidates who want to apply their newly acquired skills, learn about the work environment in your organization, and perhaps find a permanent place on your team.

Unpaid Work Experience Placements

You can choose to bring a potential employee on board on a temporary basis so they can learn about your company. You will both have an opportunity to see if your open position is the right match before an offer is presented.

Employer Job Board

Welcome to our Employer Job Board. Bredin will update the job board with new employment opportunities as they are provided to us from our employer partners. Here you can promote positions within your company that can be shared with Bredin Employment Developers. Bredin Employment Developers will review your hiring needs and search our candidate database to see if we have qualified applicants for you to consider interviewing.

Candidate of the Month

Our candidate of the month is an individual we feel has demonstrated a tremendously positive attitude, a strong work ethic, and a desire to succeed, improve, and learn. Serving our diverse client base is paramount here at Bredin, we strive to find new ways to empower and connect people to contribute within our community.

Employers of Choice

Bredin works with a large volume of employers and have placed thousands of clients annually within our Alberta Labour force. However, with some employers we have developed a unique and in-depth relationship with. These employers connect directly with Bredin when they have employment openings, and Bredin seeks to provide them with qualified applicants. These employers have shown their willingness to work with Bredin and our large pool of unemployed or underemployed Albertans. Bredin will provide support to these employers if issues should arise on the worksite with any of our Candidates. Bredin is fully aware of the culture of their companies and feels confident in placing clients in their company for employment. These companies have demonstrated a compassion and demonstrated excellent leadership skills as an Employer of Choice.

Bredin Centre for Learning connects you with employers

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