Alumni Stories


It takes dedication, courage and heart to come to a new country and build a life for yourself and your loved ones. We see the best qualities in people and help them achieve their dreams. In return, our alumni are the proof that what we do matters. Here are their stories in their own words.

Petronela Filip

I knew right away that this is the place where I wanted to live with my kids. I accepted the change and I will never regret it.

Abraham Abu

With job fairs organized by them, Bredin gave me the exposure I needed to overcome my fear of approaching Canadian employers.

Madeleine Ingram

Bredin helped me with connections – something we miss as immigrants. I found support, trust and appreciation in a very professional environment.

Bassam Abdelmalek

Just like many immigrants, Bassam faced multiple obstacles on his long way to getting his certificate of qualification in Canada.

Esperanza Alvez

I have a firm belief in Bredin and in what they can do. I do not hesitate to recommend them to new immigrants who I know will benefit from their help.