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Entrust Disability Services

About Entrust: Entrust provides personalized disability services and was founded on the belief that everyone deserves the opportunity to live a full, meaningful and independent life. Their mission is to empower people with developmental disabilities with the ability to live the lives they choose by providing innovative, best-practice support and care.

It’s been said that the Bredin Centre for Learning and Entrust Disability Services have a win-win relationship. In a nutshell, Bredin helps find the individuals Entrust needs to fulfill their mission.
Entrust is ready to employ staff to deliver this care, and Bredin has qualified, educated clients looking for employment. Entrust employs individuals in several fields including nursing, human services and occupational therapists, and looks to Bredin to fill any gaps.

In the past, Entrust has come into Bredin and held employer forums which gave potential employees a real window into what it’s like working at Entrust. Presenters outline a “day in the life” of an Entrust employee and what’s involved in that role.

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