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Our four Bredin branches across Alberta support individuals with their employment and life goals. Often media recognizes the value of what we do and helps us to reach more Albertans in need. Here are some samples of Bredin media coverage:

Edmonton Job Market.

CBC News Edmonton, Jan 26, 2020

CBC Edmonton released a report on the current Edmonton Job Market and explains how Bredin Centre for Learning can help unemployed individuals. Our segment runs from the 5:06 to 7:11 minute mark.

Voices of the Unemployed.

CBC LISTEN Edmonton, Jan 21, 2020

CBC Radio One aired a very informative segment on the employment situation in Edmonton. It includes a conversation with Bredin client Aaron, who’s finally feeling hopeful after looking for work for two years.

Boom or Bust, Immigrants are Choosing Alberta – and They’re Thriving

StarMetro Edmonton, June 12, 2018

Bredin was featured in the StarMetro Edmonton’s article on why immigrants are choosing Alberta for settlement. The author suggests an important element is high-quality social programming offered to newcomers by organizations like Bredin Centre for Learning. In both exciting and challenging economic times, programs for job development and training are essential for all Albertans.

Provincial Employment Supports Expanded

Government of Alberta Announcements, April 24, 2018

Our commitment to unemployed Albertans is unwavering, and the support we offer to clients and employer partners is successful because of the hard work of our government representatives. Alberta government’s investment in Bredin programs benefits newcomers, under-employed and unemployed Albertans, Alberta employers and businesses, as well as the economy through job creation, job development and community building.

Christina Gray, Alberta Minister of Labour Live on Facebook

Christina Gray, Alberta Minister of Labour, recently joined us live on Facebook. Bredin Facebook followers had the opportunity to ask Minister Gray questions related to market prediction and employment standards. Thank you, Minister Gray, for hosting this Q&A session with our clients and Albertans who wanted to learn more about employment and labour in our province.

Immigrants Share Digital Stories on Settling in Canada

Diversity Magazine

Bredin Centre for Learning was excited to be featured in Diversity Magazine, who covered an event hosted by Bredin at Santa Maria Goretti Centre in Edmonton. At this event, six immigrants, our clients, shared their digital stories. These shared personal journeys included hardships, successes, hopes and dreams, and helped to remind everyone on the Bredin team why we work so hard. These are the personal stories behind our work. Diversity and inclusion are important to Bredin and those we represent. It is an honour to showcase partners and employers who share these ideals, some of whom have undergone similar challenges themselves as newcomers.

Bredin Centre for Learning Recognizing Successful Immigrants and Diversity Heroes

CTV, November 2, 2017

CTV covered this Bredin event, recognizing successful immigrants and diversity champions in our community. The licensure process can be challenging for newcomers to navigate, and showcasing successful models helps to raise awareness of the foreign qualification recognition process and provide internationally-trained professionals with much-needed hope.

Newcomers Career Success Facebook Live Session

Bredin Centre for Learning was proud to be a part of the Newcomers Career Success Facebook Live Session hosted by the City of Edmonton. You can view us at the 1:23 point in the video. We are delighted to maintain a strong, positive and continuing relationship with the City of Edmonton and its representatives.

Wonderful Talents: Refugee and Immigrant Musicians Hope Art Show Leads to Work

CBC News, January 26, 2017

Bredin Centre for Learning takes pride in the detailed and personal interactions our counselors have with clients. CBC recognized the hard work of Bredin employees in meeting the needs and desires of our clients. Sometimes, a lack of resources and opportunities makes entering the workforce difficult. As a result, many newcomer clients take entry-level jobs outside of their experience, education or expertise when they first arrive to make ends meet. Bredin Centre for Learning seeks to provide clients with opportunities to network and showcase their talents. The Creative Connection Exhibition is just one example of the types of events Bredin employees organize for our clients. We value the personal story each of our clients. We feel proud they have chosen to settle here in Canada and include us in their journey.

Newcomers to Canada Showcase Artwork at Edmonton City Hall

Edmonton Journal, January 26, 2017

We are honoured to work with diverse, talented and hardworking people from around the world who have chosen to make Alberta their new home. This event provided our clients with new opportunities and recognition. We are proud to work alongside the City of Edmonton and other organizations representing newcomers to ensure that the transition to a new home in Canada is stable and successful. From musicians playing culturally cherished instruments to painters and calligraphers, we were excited to share and showcase our client’s messages of hope, love and goodwill with all Albertans and Canadians.

Newcomers in Edmonton Introduced to World of Art

CBC, December 4, 2016

Bredin Centre for Learning values collaborations with organizations in the community Recently, we worked with the Art Gallery of Alberta (AGA), the Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers, and the City of Edmonton to present an arts and crafts event hosted by Art Gallery of Alberta. Leisure and art are not always accessible to those experiencing instability, economic hardship or displacement. This event was organized to provide newcomers and their families with an opportunity to appreciate Canadian art and culture, and to provide a forum to participate and share their own passions. We strive to help our clients not only adjust to Canada, but to thrive and to enjoy becoming a part of our diverse culture and society.

Edmonton Businesses Band Together to Help Syrian Refugees

Global News: Edmonton, October 31, 2016

Bredin is committed to supporting newcomers. When the Canadian government accepted Syrian refugees amidst the conflict, we were proud to be part of an initiative by the Edmonton Region Immigrant Employment Council to help refugees integrate into our communities. We worked with businesses to provide support and employment for men and women who plan to make Alberta their home.

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