International Pharmacy Bridging


A 41-week program designed to assist International Pharmacy Graduates bridge the gap between their international knowledge and Canadian practice in order to acquire licensure to practice pharmacy in Alberta. The program is broken down into 28 weeks of classroom preparation and 13 weeks of Structured Practical Training (SPT), which prepares graduates to launch active, successful and rewarding careers within the Alberta pharmacy workforce and greater community.

Funder: Alberta Advanced Education

Becoming a Pharmacist in Canada

There’s more to bridging the Canadian pharmacy field than just your credentials. This program provides support to newcomers to Canada.

Employment Readiness

You will participate in seminars, workshops and clinical role play scenarios that develop and challenge your professional knowledge and patient counselling skills.

Exam Preparation

Our Exam Preparation curriculum is based on the competencies set out by the National Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities (NAPRA) and the Association of Faculties of Pharmacy Canada (AFPC).

The Next Intake

September 9, 2019 

Success Stories

One of the best decisions I made to kick start my career as a pharmacist

Studying in Bredin is such a great help. I have learned a lot, especially when it comes to Pharmacy Practice. Reading books such as Therapeutic Choices or Patient Self Care is not enough to pass the National Pharmacy Exam. All the things that we need to know and learn is covered by the great instructors at Bredin” – Faran Plafa

Great study tips and teaching tools!

“I found the course well structured. The instructors were well prepared and used lots of teaching aids to help us understand the topics. Studying was made much easier because the instructors emphasized on the most important areas/topics that will help us succeed not only on the exams but in the future as well.”

I have become a successful Registered Pharmacist!

“Through Bredin I’ve become more aware of the culture of Canada that would help to become a competent Canadian Registered Pharmacist in a few months. It is one of the biggest blessings since I came here to Canada.” – Flavie Ann Clet

Guidance through the complicated licensure process

“New to Edmonton and Canada, I was totally lost in the complicated licensing procedure of Pharmacists, but Bredin helped me get back on track and get my career rolling. This program is like a gift for newcomers.” – Pujarini Murherjee

Helped me overcome my weaknesses and fears

“I am so grateful to be one of the students of Bredin IPEP class 2014/15. It prepared me for PEBC, MCE and OSCE exams. I had great teachers who helped me overcome my weaknesses and fears towards becoming a licensed Pharmacist in Canada.” – Myra Judan

Wonderful dedication from staff

“This program is very helpful, I learned a lot in 2014/15 and it was a big opportunity to have all these wonderful people dedicate their time and efforts to help us fulfill and improve our experience and knowledge.” – May Mahsoob

Clear understanding of Pharmacy practice in Canada

“The program has given me a lot of opportunity to learn and understand the practice of Pharmacy here in Canada.” – Jonalyn De Guznan

One of the best decisions I made to kick start my career as a pharmacist

“Joining Bredin was one of the best decisions I made to kick start my career as a pharmacist in Canada. The comprehensiveness of the program, sharing and working with other IPGs at the learning centre equipped me with the skills I needed to challenge the PEBC Qualifying examination part I and II. The hands-on experience gained during the practicum has prepared me for employment in Alberta.”

I am now a Registered Pharmacist

“I am a pharmacist from the Philippines, it was my hope that I can work in Canada in the same field where I can use my expertise and experience. I know that it is a dream that requires hard work and sacrifices. Equipped with determination, I started to do my research and found out about Bredin Centre for Learning. With the program they have for immigrants I hurriedly applied as their client. With the guidance I got from Bredin my dream came true and I am now a registered pharmacist here in Edmonton. I will always recommend Bredin to my friends and new acquaintances to helped them realize their goals and aspirations.”

Outstanding guidance and training opportunities

“Many, many thanks to Bredin and its staff for the outstanding guidance and training opportunities provided to me during my tenure as student at Bredin. I truly appreciate the support provided by experts in the field of Pharmacy, preparation for MCQ and OSCE during this course which made this training very special for me. The willingness of the Bredin staff to help me out with anything I needed to be successful in the program has been very much appreciated by the whole class and that really helped me pass the exam. The calibre of this training program is exceptional, and will have a major impact in guiding the future pharmacists in the years ahead.”

Thank You

“Thank you, it was a great experience, I met nice people and we worked as a family.”