Board of Directors


The essence of any great board is collaboration

Our board members have closely collaborated with governments, employers and key organizations to ensure that the voices of our community are being heard. By working closely with these leaders in our economy, our board members have steered our Centre and community towards its mission.

Our Board members help provide guidance on

  • Determine the organization’s mission and purpose
  • Hire, support and evaluate the Executive Director
  • Ensure effective organizational planning
  • Ensure adequate resources and monitor effective use of resources
  • Help raise the organization’s profile
  • Ensure legal and ethical integrity and maintaining accountability
  • Help recruit and orient new board members, and assess board performance

Joe Huising

Joe joined the Bredin Board in 2014 and became the Board Chair in 2017. He has a background in finance and management with both public and private corporations. Joe brings his business, financial controls and corporate governance experience to support Bredin’s management.

Joe is the CFO of Tier 1 Energy Solutions Inc., a privately held oilfield services company operating in Western Canada. Joe received his CPA in 2003 and his CFA in 2013. Joe recognizes the importance of training and development and believes Bredin serves an important niche in a market, which is critical to the future success of Alberta.

As well as being the Board Chair, Joe sits on the Finance, Strategy and HR/Operations Board Sub-committees.

Sarah Tokar, MBA, CPHR

Sarah Tokar is David Aplin Group’s Corporate Vice President and a Partner in its Edmonton office. Her work focuses on senior level search and leadership assessment assignments including Director, VP, Executive Director, President, CEO, and Board of Directors. She serves the public sector and not-for-profit sector nationally. Sarah holds an MBA from Athabasca University and a Bilingual Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Alberta.

Sarah is pleased share her expertise with Bredin – an organization that takes pride in helping people develop their skills and abilities so they can connect to a great new future.

Sarah joined the Board in 2016, is the Vice Chair for the Board, and sits on the Strategy and HR/Operations Board Sub-committees.

Earl Shindruk

20 years ago, Earl Shindruk combined a wealth of business experience and his natural ability to deal with people when he founded Optimax Benefits. As President, Earl has brought leading edge, industry innovation to Optimax Benefits. At the same time, he has demonstrated the old fashioned concepts of ‘being accessible’ and ‘getting to know your customer’.

Formerly, Earl served as General Manager of a contracting company and honed his skills with large corporations such as TransAlta and Laidlaw Waste Systems.

Earl was one of the founders and board chair of the Meningitis Foundation of Alberta. He has been involved with several not for profits and charities, serving on various boards such as North Millbourne Community League, Millwoods Cultural and Recreational Facilities Association, Bredin Centre for Learning and others.

Earl believes in giving back to his community and donates a great deal of time, energy and expertise to charitable and not for profit organizations in Northern Alberta.

Earl also believes in sharing his knowledge and expertise. He is a Benefits instructor at MacEwan University and regularly discusses the benefits industry through a variety of networks.

Earl has been with the Bredin Board since 2006. Earl, as a Director, sits on the HR/Operations Board Sub-committee.

Jonathan Edgett, Senior Vice President, KPMG Corporate Finance Inc.

Jon has 20 years of Mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, corporate finance and private equity experience and has executed $1 billion of mid-market transactions. His education includes an MBA, Finance (Schulich School of Business, Toronto) and Bachelor of Science (Queen’s University, Kingston). Jon is a regular volunteer with a variety of United Way programs. Previously (in Toronto), he was a volunteer for 14 years at an “Out of the Cold” program that provided dinner, overnight accommodation and breakfast to the homeless.

Jon joined the board in 2015 and is enthusiastic about Bredin’s mission and programs, which improve the lives of Albertans (old and new) and contribute to Alberta’s economy and overall well-being.

Jon, as a Director, sits on the Strategy and College Board Sub-committees.

Maple Rose Furigay

Maple Rose is a LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) accredited architectural technologist and communications professional with an international career in several industries, including: architecture/construction, IT, publishing and arts/culture/education. After working in Japan and England for 8 years in marketing and PR, she returned to Canada to pursue her passion for buildings.

Maple Rose was the managing director of an online platform designed to simplify the procurement of sustainable building products and materials. Recognized for her dedication to the advancement of sustainably built environments, Maple Rose was a recipient of the 2013 USGBC (US Green Building Council) GreenBuild Scholarship in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and was featured in the October 2013 and February 2014 issues of Perspectives (Alberta Chapter – Canada Green Building Council).

Maple Rose believes Bredin plays a critical role in contributing to our local economies by delivering the necessary services that meet the employment demands of our marketplace. She appreciates Bredin’s industry leadership and dedication to the success of every client.

Maple Rose joined the Bredin Board in 2013. Maple Rose, as a Director, sits on the Strategy Board Sub-committee.

Leila Manalili

Leila joined the Bredin Board in the spring of 2018. Leila graduated from Grant MacEwan University where she studied Human Resources Management. As the HR Advisor for Entrust Disability Services, she brings with her a diverse background of experience from Entertainment and Hospitality, Oil and Gas, and the Health and Human Services industry. Having immigrated to Canada in the early 1990’s, Leila believes in the Bredin corporate values and is passionate about helping others achieve their career objectives.

Leila, as a Director, sits on the HR/Operations and College Board Sub-committees.

Chivon Sterling, BSc

Chivon is a strong ambassador in Edmonton, building meaningful and strong client relationships while sharing the value and benefit of World Financial Group in the position of Financial & Insurance Advisor for the province of Alberta. Chivon possesses over 17 years of building client relationships and business development experience gained through employment with Not-for-Profit and For-Profit organizations..

Chivon currently volunteers as Director of Operations for NexGen Basketball Club. That has grown to become a successful basketball club in Edmonton, AB that takes pride in showing today’s youth how to persevere and overcome challenges, while playing basketball. Players within the club compete across North America, and many players have gained the skill set and visibility to make NCAA teams, CIS teams, and various college teams.

Chivon joined the Bredin Board in spring of 2018. Chivon, as a Director, sits on the College Board Sub-committee. Chivon believes that it is important to volunteer where you can and give back where people need it, because unfortunately not everyone is afforded the same opportunities in life.

Kris Lensink

Kris is a Lawyer whose practice focuses in the areas of Civil Litigation with an emphasis on Construction and Commercial disputes. He was called to the Alberta Bar in 2016 and practices with the firm of Witten LLP, a full-service law firm in downtown Edmonton. While the majority of Kris’ law practice involves the private sector, he strongly believes in community involvement and helping to grow and benefit the Nonprofit/Not-for-Profit sector in Edmonton and Alberta.

Kris believes that continuing education and skills development are crucial to the advancement of Alberta and Canada as a whole, and that Bredin performs an essential role in delivering these services. He is eager to apply his legal and business knowledge and experience to assist Bredin in continuing to provide this much-needed function.

Kris joined the Bredin Board in the spring of 2018. Kris, as a Director, sits on the Strategy Board Sub-committee.

Conrado Tuzon, Jr., CPA, CGA, CIA, CRMA

Having been helped by the Bredin’s Centre for Skilled and Internationally Trained Professionals in 2003, Conrad is the first client to become a Bredin Board member. He joined the Board in the spring of 2018. With his direct experiences under the professional bridging program which is highly instrumental in his obtaining three professional designations in Canada, as an Accountant, Auditor and a Risk Manager, Conrad is living proof that Bredin’s programs turn dreams in to reality.

Conrad immigrated to Canada with 7 years of combined private (bank comptrollership) and public (state auditor) experiences as a CPA from the Philippines. He worked as an Accountant for the Alberta Blue Cross before moving to the Alberta Provincial Government where he served for three big Ministries and a business unit under the Legislative Office. Conrad is not new to Not-For-Profits in his capacity as a previous Senior Auditor for the Alberta Gaming & Liquor Commission.

Conrad is a former Community Volunteer for CRA’s low-income tax filers and presently, a professional CPA mentor for Bredin. Substantially as a scholar for his entire life, he is passionate about free and life-long education which he cheerfully advocates wherever and whenever possible.

Kerrie Alanen, B.Comm, CPHR

Kerrie is a Director, Integration, at Stoppler Hughes in Edmonton. She joined the Bredin Board in the spring of 2018.

Searching for new opportunities after a successful professional ballet career, Kerrie discovered her true calling as an HR professional. She witnessed gaps in workplace happiness, inspiring her to shape fulfillment and meaning in her clients’ professional and personal lives.

Excelling in human resources roles across Western Canada and beyond, Kerrie holds a BComm in HR from the University of Alberta and a Chartered Professional Human Resources (CPHR) certification. A lifelong learner, she is currently attaining her Certified Professional Co-active Coach (CPCC) and Associated Certified Coach (ACC) designations.

Kerrie’s HR expertise spans executive leadership development, coaching, recruitment, employee retention, hiring, onboarding, training and performance management. She loves the challenge of crossing over her skillsets to new industries, working with clients across engineering, health care, post-secondary education, marketing, safety, accounting, industrial distribution, law firms and sales, to name a few.